Hands | Natural Nails

It's Mani time! This sections is for our dolls' that stick to their natural nails! Our Manicure's include shaping of the nail, full cuticle work (we never slack on this bit), the nail coating of your ... Show more

Hands | Acrylic & Gel Enhancements

For our dolls' who like their claws! New set or maintenance, this is your section for Acrylic; CND Liquid + Powder & Light Elegance JimmyGel are our poisons of choice and every treatment we do includ... Show more


A real treat for your feet!

Our Pedicure's include shaping of the nails, full cuticle work, rasping of the dry skin, toenail finish of your choosing and finally, hydration; to make them feel like ...
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Silent Appointment

If you're not a talker or you just want to sit back and have your nails done without the chit chat, this is for you... Adding this onto your treatment will mean we only discuss the details of your ser... Show more